Design Services:

  • Conceptual Design – First impression or early sketches which convey ideas and including three dimensional ideas of the intended finished product.
  • Developing the Design – Initial ideas refined and played out morphing into a road map for construction.
  • Completed Design – Construction documents depending up on the size and need of the projects consist from simple layout to involved layout, grading, drainage, lighting and irrigation and plant selection.
  • Planning Approvals – Depending upon jurisdictions and scope of services full submittal documents are possible to architectural and design review boards, city and county planning departments.


  • Initial site grading – including installing high quality topsoil amendments for maximum plant health.
  • Irrigation Systems – Install efficient and modern automatic irrigation systems.
  • Landscape Planting – Plant high quality landscape plants for a healthy, beautiful garden.
  • During plan implementation a full on site review with over 30-years construction experience in the field.

Garden Maintenance:

  • Garden Maintenance – A successfully installed landscape may live on its own for a while but the true success is in how much care it receives, and when and what to do initially and over time. For these reasons we have been invited to care for gardens we have created and taken back in some cases others, which began to show less than the original intentions. A written care manual is always available to be developed for garden maintenance on each and every project.
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