What does a well-designed landscape hold for you?

A well designed and installed landscape complements the home, commercial center, or public use year-round and reflects a sense of space and personality. A well-designed space provides usable outdoor places and ease of movement through that space.

Solving potential site problems such as usable places on slopes, drainage, drought, privacy and refuge, and views are all possible with our ability to problem solve.
Attention to simplifying maintenance and increasing property values are a big part of good landscape design and installation.

For over Thirty years our commitment to excellence has pleased our clients so well that there recommendations – word of mouth – have keep the firm busy. The attention to appropriate design for the site locale and client’s goals has been the business model and personal vision.


Design and Construction go hand in hand. Planning from the beginning is key to a successful landscape. We are able convey and problem solve on the site with informal sketching or creating any level of two dimensional plan sets to three dimensional drawings. Well thought out plans, simple or involved with the correct information helps coordination between all trades and consultants. A beautiful and successful installation follows solid pre-planning and good communication during all aspects of design and building.

As long time licensed and registered landscape architects and landscape contractors we have taken a myriad of different site conditions from the simple to difficult and created wonderful people and plant spaces.


Hall Landscape crews are proficient in all aspects from initial site work to grading, hardscape construction, irrigation, lighting and planting. On areas of particular licensed expertise we have the ability to bring in extremely talented sub-contractors with the same high standard work ethics and attention to detail.


Maintenance, the often forgotten cousin to a successful landscape project assures longevity. While there are low maintenance designed gardens, there are never no maintenance garden projects.

To survive the tests of time we write management garden care plans and have offer a strong garden maintenance service. The crews are experienced and have worked for Hall Landscape for many years. The practice of dropping an unskilled workforce off for the garden visit does not exist in HLD business plan.

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