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Our internationally trained staff design landscapes informed by science as well as art. Our nuts-and-bolts expertise ensures successful results.

40 years as a licensed and bonded design/build business have given us real-world experience in all stages of landscaping; horticulture, cost estimating, permit applications, construction document preparation, and installation.

Hall Landscape Design INC Owners

Scott & Cameron decided to bring their science and artistic abilities, along with construction & building backgrounds, together to create an integrated design-build company to provide all landscape services from inception to completion.  Bryce joined the company in 2013 and now runs all field operations.

Scott Hall, CEO

Landscape Architect #3405 / Landscape contractor



Contact Number: (831) 901-0150

Scott’s varied scholastic, practical and life experiences with film, art and science were rounded out with formal degrees in film and landscape architecture

Formal Education:

  • Landscape Architecture –  University California Davis
  • Teaching — Landscape Design course work
  • Volunteer Committees & Commissions:
  • Beach & Forestry Commission – City of Carmel
  • Architectural Review Board — City of Pacific Grove, CA
  • Natural Resources Commission – City of Pacific Grove, CA
  • Heritage Board of Pacific Grove — Pacific Grove, non profit

Bryce Hall, COO

Operations Manager



Contact Number: (831) 601-5490

After graduating cum laude with a BA in political science from the University of California San Diego in 2009 Bryce returned to the Peninsula and resumed work with the Big Sur Land Trust, where he initially wrote and edited Management Plans.  He implemented fuels reduction projects, maintained, and upgraded trails and roads, installed native vegetation and site-specific irrigation systems, and performed facilities upkeep ranging from water system repair to fence building.

He became an EMT and later attended and graduated from the MPC Firefighting Academy in 2012. He volunteered and later worked part time as a firefighter and rescue swimmer at Mid Coast Fire in Palo Colorado Canyon Big Sur. His time at the fire department instilled the values and importance of skill development and continued learning, collaborative problem solving, and effective community relations and outreach.

Bryce started working with Hall Landscape Design in 2013 in a limited part time capacity. In order to learn more about the ornamental plants that he was working with in the garden he began taking horticultural classes at Monterey Peninsula College, Cabrillo College, UCSC Farm workshops, and the UC Master Gardener workshops.

Bryce officially joined Hall Landscape full time at the start of 2015. During his part time tenure and several years as a full-time member he was a crew member becoming competent and conversant in all aspects of installation and maintenance. As his skill set and knowledge base grew, Bryce started overseeing installation and maintenance crews. In 2020, Bryce became the Chief Operating Officer and is charged with onsite management of new installation and existing maintenance accounts. Bryce’s lifelong love of learning informs his decisions and actions regarding incorporating new methodology, techniques and technologies into the installation and maintenance of the landscapes that he works on. Bryce says that “landscaping and gardening is an adaptive science. We need to be constantly examining what is working and what is not. Our decisions and actions are informed by previous on the ground results and inputs arising from new scientific literature and technological innovations. If you are not scrutinizing what you and your crew is doing, you are doing something wrong. Plants and the microclimates that they exist in can be so nuanced that you cannot take a one size fits all approach to this stuff.”

As such Bryce’s interests lie in the efficient use of irrigation water within the residential landscape, educating and enhancing crew members so that they are not taking the “one size fits all” approach to gardening, and working with organic inputs to create a biodynamically thriving landscape.

In addition to overseeing the on the ground operations Bryce is also an Irrigation Association Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA). All newly installed landscapes on new construction requires an audit and a signoff from a CLIA. Bryce does code compliance audits as well as water efficiency and water management consultation.

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